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Green Hydrogen

Water electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water as a means to store energy produced from intermittent, renewable energy sources is one important pillar in the road map towards a circular society. However, due to limitations of currently available electrolyzer systems, green hydrogen produced from water has been unable to compete in price with hydrogen produced from fossil feedstock. Here, the critical bottleneck represents the current state-of-the-art anodes, which has failed to meet the efficiency and stability requirements for cost-efficient large-scale production of hydrogen.

Enabled by a series of grants from the Futura Foundation, the Verho group has been speerheading a major research network focused on the development of next-generation electrochemical cells for cost-efficient production of green hydrogen. Together with the groups of Prof. Åkermark and Dr. Das at the Department of Organic Chemistry of Stockholm University, as well as Prof. Dutta at the Department of Material and Nanophysics at KTH, we are running an extensive research program involving catalyst design, electrode fabrication and characterization as well as electrolyzer development. Commercialization of the innovations coming from this network is currently being done through the company HyEnGen AB, which we founded in 2022. 

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